The DDD team is made up of individuals who’ve spent years fostering their genuine digital passion, across a wide variety of professional experiences. Sometimes bringing quirky perspectives, to discover smart solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Craig main


Craig Massey

Over the last 23 years, Craig has started five technology companies primarily in the mobile and digital marketing space. He has sold four of those companies including Last Second Tickets, to Monitise PLC in June 2014 for £12.3M and Brainstorm to Opera Telecom for £3.2M. This means he totally connects with entrepreneurs and understands their pain in starting a new company. It also means that he understands how to use digital marketing efficiently to reach both B2B clients and direct to consumers.


Henry Barshevsky

Henry got into digital marketing in 2005 by creating the first search-marketing agency in the Baltic States. During those 12 years, his key experience has been in Paid Search, Analytics, Facebook Marketing and Re-Targeting. He has managed campaigns for both small SME clients i.e. a local taxi company, as well as several PLCs including FTSE 250 members such as IG Group and Unilever. His ability to increase the ROI across multiple digital channels means that DDD can maximise even modest marketing budgets. Check out the results he achieved for both Holidog and National Geographic Kids, in just four weeks he significantly reduced their CPA (cost per acquisition).

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Shaw Tsen

Shaw has been managing acquisition and retention campaigns across mobile and email with 5M+ reach for over half a decade. Working with clients such as OrangeASOS and Confused.com has given him the opportunity to see the effects of a comprehensive strategy and to test and measure all campaigns. His previous project management experience and skills in analysing data means he is well-positioned to execute complex digital marketing campaigns and strategies. Check out the results he achieved with a modest budget for our clients ACWorldwide here.

Creative Director

Ethan Wang

Ethan is responsible for all design work that happens within DDD to support our campaigns across various channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Display, Instagram and Twitter. Previously a digital marketing manager for two mobile technology companies, this provided him with the understanding of how to connect with consumers via mobile devices. He designs predominantly for new media and digital channels, but is also very skilled when creating brochures and leaflets to support our client’s offline marketing activity. Ethan also designs websites and works closely with our Front-End Developer to implement. His previous clients have included MasterCard, EE Mobile & Tastecard.

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Kim Main

Commercial Director

Kim Fleming

Kim is our sales guru specialising in brand awareness, classified advertising, awards sponsorship, online, print, live events and developing bespoke creative solutions. Having worked in Sales and Media for over 16 years, 11 years of which were spent at Centaur working across Marketing Week, Kim has a major flair for launches and re-launches.

Kim is a big character, and her forte is bringing people together to draw out their creative flair.

Commercial Director – Chinese Department

Wendy Wan

Wendy plowed China’s public relations market for 20 years, having worked in Beijing Dentsu advertising & Tencent technology companies, specialising in brand building, media partnership, media communication, market positioning, event planning and crisis management. She has unique insights and practical experience, paying close attention to the Internet Thinking Mode in China ‘s New Media.

A keen dog lover, Wendy loves working with Sushi the office dog whilst her beloved poodle is back home in Beijing.

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Christine main

Digital Marketing Manager

Christine Altmann

Originally from Germany, Christine is a true starter finisher. With ruthless efficiency, she takes responsibility for project managing various marketing campaigns and client relationships, as well as bringing creative ideas to the table for many social media campaigns. Her skill set is very diverse managing multiple campaigns including organic and paid social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising including Google AdWords, Google Shopping and providing support to crowdfunding campaigns.

Christine graduated with a double degree in International Business, where she focused on marketing related subjects. She also climbs twice a week so is super fit and has a head for heights.

Front-End Developer

Andrew Sayward

Andy is our can-do, problem solving Front-End Developer. He works closely with our clients to develop websites, using his skills in Javascript, HTML, CSS, as well as WordPress and PHP. Andy is involved right at the start of a website project so we understand what designs, layout and functionality are possible. His focus throughout is on finding technical solutions to enable the best possible user experience, whilst completing projects within time and budget. Since joining DanDan in 2016, Andy has developed websites for the real estate, telecommunications and FMCG sectors.

Andy’s interest in web development began after completing a degree in Music Technology and creating applications for music production in the Max MSP environment. He pursued this interest and enrolled on an intensive web development course with a focus on front-end with skills.

Andrew main

Biddable Media Manager

Serge Nguele

Serge’s career spans 8 years of experience in digital marketing, PPC, Email and Social Media, along with 2 years as a web entrepreneur for a B2B e-commerce site. At DDD Serge is in charge of Biddable media (Paid Search: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Paid Social: Facebook Ads) and Email Marketing. In less than a month for DDD client Botonique.com, Serge reduced the cost per acquisition from £14.82 to £7.30 while doubling conversions and traffic (impressions and clicks), giving an overview of its analytical approach when it comes to managing paid campaigns.

A keen Arsenal fan, Serge spends most evenings on the football pitch still chasing that dream of becoming Dan Dan’s answer to Pele.

Marketing Executive

Alex Cirino

Alex is a highly enthusiastic Business Management graduate, with expertise in social media and design. Due to his exceptional organisational ability, one of his main responsibilities at DDD is working day-to-day with clients to ensure that projects are always running smoothly. Where possible, his social media and design skills are implemented and innovative ideas are always put forward.

During his university degree, Alex launched his own clothing company – a decision which sparked his passion for marketing and all things creative. Using his entrepreneurial spirit, he has since gone on to create and manage his own music events across London and also DJs in his spare time.

Alex Main
Abi Main

Social Media Executive

Abi Rousell

Having graduated with a Bachelors Degree in English literature Abi joined DDD as our wordy Social Media Influencer. Her main role is to work closely with clients, managing and creating their social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Abi in her spare time also runs her own Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog and accompanying social media channels.


Bruce Gray

Leading DDD video production is our in-house videographer, Bruce.  A keen practitioner in an end-to-end format, executing each stage from idea generation through to postproduction and distribution.

He has worked extensively with Canon 5D III, Sony A7S II, Sony FS5 and Canon c100/300, and has experience with various other large sensor cameras.

He has a developed skillset in post production – currently using the Adobe suite, with previous experience on Final Cut Pro and AVID.

Bruce Main


Becky Evans

Becky is the office angel, covering all areas of the business and keeping the CEO in check. A graduate of Oxford Brookes in Business and Economics, Becky spends half her time running her own business, a busy social media and PR consultant mixed with creating content for a popular YouTube channel and motorsport presenting. Her passion lies in the Automotive industry, where she can be found most weekends road testing the latest supercars, or driving her classic BMW to events.


Raymond Hermistan

Raymond specialises in testing multiple daily campaigns that ultimately generates big data. This is then analysed so that useful insights can be extracted and campaigns refined and improved. He has also identified and created an influencer programme through reaching out to thousands of bloggers and vloggers to assist with partnership outreach. Part of this role is to help clients create sales target lists utilising various platforms including LinkedIn, DuxSoup and Email Checker.

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Lyz main

Art Director

Lyz Liu

Having obtained her Master’s Degree in Visual Communications, Lyz joined DDD as an Art Director in the Creative team. Her responsibilities see her working with clients to translate conceptual ideas into communication materials, identifying the most effective media channels. She also has excellent free-hand drawing, perMockspective and technical drawing skills. She plays an integral part in the design process by creating visual skamps and wireframes to brief the production team for web development projects.