Marketing Strategy, launch campaign and retainer client across various activities

Botonique is the soft drink for wine lovers. Created by a modern-day alchemist – a food and fun loving ex-wine merchant Hilary Marsh. She identified a gap in the market for a soft drink that acted as a satisfactory alternative to wine. We began working with Hilary in March 2016 prior to the launch of Botonique and have grown her brand to the leading healthy alternative to wine.


The challenge was launching a brand new food and beverage product to the market on a very limited budget. We needed to set up an online presence, including website and multiple social media channels to drive new potential customers to find out more information and purchase the product through an eCommerce transactional site.


We began working with Hilary by holding a GAP (growth action plan) session – where we interrogated Hilary’s aims and objectives for Botonique, her pain points and where she needed the most help. From this session we delivered a comprehensive digital marketing report with recommendations of where we thought our support could be of most benefit, recognising that as a startup, funds where limited.

We began by providing design sketches and wireframes of the website build which we did on Squarespace, however Hilary wanted more bespoke functionality which was created with Javascript.

Since March 2016 we have working closely with Hilary to create, curate and schedule content across Botonique’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts . The aims were to educate consumers around the benefits of drinking Botonique, and to provide ideas on how the drink can be served and mixed.
To capture the interest & imagination to make the content stand out we used:

  • Entertainment
  • Useful information
  • First to know
  • Comedy
  • Cool
  • Interesting images
  • Surveys
  • Competitions
  • Infographics
  • Consumer interaction

These were delivered through a variety of channels ie social media, email marketing, blogs and videos through a variety of mediums ie static images, recipes, survey monkey & digital display. We have since implemented Google Shopping, Facebook advertising and email marketing and have seen improvements month on month.


We have helped Hilary grow her online sales by over 800% in just six months.

We are delivering a Return On Ad Spend through Google AdWords of 5.22 in January – so for every £1 spent on advertising, we delivered sales of £5.

Botonique’s online presence has helped to secure two quarter page listings in The Guardian and a review in the Sunday Telegraph. Botonique has also been approved for listing on Tesco’s BackIt platform.

£5 of sales for every £1

Spent On Advertising


Online growth