Helping New Build House Developers in the UK,
Sell Their Houses to International Buyers

Importance of pre-sales

Many UK developers understand the importance of making pre-sales for a new development.

  • To provide confidence to secure continued funding
  • To even-out market volatility of prices at completion
  • Help accelerate the construction timeline

Why are international buyers important?

Overseas buyers of ‘off-plan’ pre-sale properties, can be as high as 50% in some London developments, this is due to the following:

  • Willingness to buy earlier in the process, so have a higher risk appetite than UK buyers
  • They favour newer, exclusive and more expensive properties than the average UK buyer
  • They are not constrained by UK mortgage restrictions i.e. offer only valid for six months
  • They have an imperative as their children are studying in the UK
  • They are keen on the burgeoning ‘Build to Rent’ sector

Where do international buyers come from?

1. Hong Kong – 28% (buyers mainly based in China)
2. Singapore – 20%
3. Malaysia – 12%
4. China – 6%
5. Channel Islands – 4%
6. Azerbaijan – 3%
7. Others – 27%

Chinese Investors

You can see from the previous map, that most international buyers are Chinese speaking. Due to the UK government introducing a Register of Foreign Owners of UK Properties from mid-2021, then this may affect inward investment to the UK. The reason is that many Chinese investors are reluctant to divulge all their investments to the Chinese government. This could result in a significant fall in investment after 2021.

The DanDan Digital Difference

Whilst DanDan Digital is a UK based digital marketing agency, it also has an office of eight staff in Beijing. This is critical to understand the Chinese market and we position all communication to address the following:


Chinese buyers are very suspicious due to the high incidence of previous scams


Chinese buyers buy through completely different communication channels


Unless a website is hosted in China, then the download speeds are very poor


Many UK companies who translate their UK website to a Chinese website, have experienced major translation embarrassment


DanDan will identify the most powerful USP’s of each development and then target Chinese buyers who are most responsive to those features


We understand where the most pro-active investors reside i.e. certain regions in China only allow one house purchase per family, therefore, they are most receptive to invest in the UK

What we can do for you

DDD can generate tangible sales leads through the following activity:

  • Create a web and mobile site in Chinese with the correct translations
  • Produce a series of digital assets from PDF’s, explainer videos, microsites
  • Produce digital display advertising (rich media etc)
  • Create physical printed literature
  • Arrange face to face live presentation events
  • Create digital assets for each important communication channel i.e. Weibo, WeChat, Toutiao
  • Identify relevant social media influencers
  • Media buying service
  • In-country sales representation
  • Creation of trade stands at relevant tradeshows