Shape Real Estate

Website and Facebook Advertising

Shape Real Estate is a London based boutique real estate developer. Having built their website we are now targeting prospective buyers via Digital Marketing to purchase off-plan apartments in the Taper Building ranging from £650k to £1.2M .


While there is undoubted a housing shortage in London, the Taper Building is more high-end, with more expensive apartments and therefore not really mass-market. This was compounded by the fact that the apartments are sold off-plan and therefore consumers may view the various uncertainties in the UK and feel that house prices might potentially reduce in the medium-term. Shape Real Estate had engaged another agency and despite having spent several thousand pounds on Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, they saw almost zero registrations for this development.


The solution DDD employed was to set up a comprehensive test campaign matrix involving over 130 different variables. This involved trialling different advert formats (banners, skys, thumbnails, carousel, animated, text etc), at different times of day and week, and through different channels (Facebook, Bing, Google, LinkedIn) and through different devices (desktop, mobile and tablet). While this was painstaking, it allowed us to then focus the advertising budget in the correct place, identifying and targeting affluent individuals looking for a property in South London.


From this initial test, in just three weeks, we reduced the CPA from multiple ££ thousands per registration, to just £76 per registration. Further optimisation through doubling down on only the most successful ads has reduced the CPA figure to £36 per registration.