Video Creation

When you’re considering a corporate video creation and production strategy, it’s good to think about the broader picture.

2017 will see video content representing 74%

OF ALL internet traffic

Furthermore, recent research has revealed the following:

  • 4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video than read about it
  • 10x are more likely to engage video content than text-only blogs
  • 3x more consumers click articles with videos

Video provides a direct opportunity to capture your consumers attention, while building a stronger emotional connection between them and your brand. A video has a greater opportunity to showcase your product or service more effectively than static media. Videos are super effective via social media, and can help to gain position prominence, for example, Facebook Live and of course, YouTube , a Google acquisition in 2006. Video creation can also be leveraged in email marketing campaigns.

DDD’s has identified that it’s very often quite useful to have a video click-through from an infographic . Video content can be edited slightly differently to suit specific demographic profile. This can then be disseminated on a very granular level to each audience segment.

81.3% of UK citizens now have smartphones, which is where the vast majority of video clips are now consumed.

Therefore, we have discovered that it is imperative the video does not appear cluttered on a small screen and that short, snappy pieces of video content are consumed much more readily.

Finally, video production is not as expensive as you would imagine. We have created Crowdfunding videos for clients from £2,000 and full corporate videos between £8,000 and £18,000.

The power of the video cannot be ignored; it is the most engaging type of content across all different platforms online. This is a new way of reaching the audience who don’t have the time to read a long sales pitch, and open a new door to a greater range of audience.

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