We have seven years experience in social media marketing, a time in which social media giants conquered native advertising platforms and smaller, niche players lived and died by their likes, followers and comments.

Social media is a valuable tool in many B2B and B2C marketing kits, but it is almost meaningless if you cannot boost your profile to the right people at the right time. In addition, content must be regularly updated in order to ensure that relevant messages hit social media feeds in a way driving their chance of consumption, or discoverability. There are many efficient (and some labour-intensive tools) which you, as a business owner, won’t necessarily have time to execute with maximum effect. That’s where we can add value. Replete with a thorough strategic and tactical approach, you will notice a more pronounced impact from your social media posts, which will lead to more prospects coming to make contact with the products and services that you have to offer. We can also demonstrate the Social ROI from any campaign, translating Likes, Shares and Comments to your bottom line numbers.

Our social media pricing is always tailored to you, based on your current situation and your overall objectives. We can help you navigate the labyrinth and create meaningful, clear and concise campaigns.

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