PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising format where advertisers only pay for each click a consumer makes on their ad.

While this is primarily associated with advertisements for search results on Google AdWords and Bing Ads, it could also refer to ads on LinkedIn, Facebook or anywhere initiating a direct response.

The format is primarily used in the latter stages of a customer journey typically after a consumer has had other engagements or touch points through brand awareness. The major benefit of this type of marketing is that it can produce results almost immediately.

How PPC Works

Both AdWords and Bing Ads operate on a similar, auction-based system. Put simply, every time a search is entered, the PPC platform calculates a ‘score’ or ‘ad rank’ for your ad versus other ads and lists the highest scoring ad at the top of the results page. This rank consists of two components:

  • How much you are willing to pay for a click (cost per click)
  • How relevant the ad and landing page is to the search

The skill of the PPC expert is to minimise the former and increase the latter

PPC Process

What Results Should I Expect From PPC?

PPC can perform a number of functions:

  • Deliver consumers to an online destination like your website
  • Deliver consumers to your mobile or online app
  • Direct people to make a call
  • Provide a box for them to send a text message
  • Get directions to your location

Costs vary wildly depending on how lucrative that click could be, for example Insurance and Car Purchase are notoriously high PPC rates and could be £50 per click as there is potentially a large amount of profit from each sale. However, for normal advertisers the price can vary from as little as £0.05 per click to £5.00 per click.

We offer a completely FREE PPC Audit – before a quote to give you an estimate of what your mileage will be.

Why Choose DDD?

We are a Google Partner agency and our core team previously worked at Google, so we fully understand PPC campaigns across a wide range of industry verticals. Our relationship with Google and Bing means we get invited to participate in Beta tests on new features, which we use to gain a competitive advantage for our clients.

Most importantly – while traffic and exposure are great, we believe that PPC is best measured with ROAS (return on ad spend) so the amount of revenue we generate from each £1 spent on PPC. We constantly test and trial new words, phrases, keywords and miss-spells, to determine what is working most effectively and then implement changes every few hours. Simply put, if DDD does not generate additional revenue over the cost of PPC ads, then clearly you will not continue to be our client. We are therefore somewhat obsessed about generating additional sales revenue for you.

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