Paid Search is the most widely used form of PPC advertising as it is still one of the most efficient direct response channels online. As such, it is a perfect choice for growth marketing campaigns aiming to drive conversions.

Paid Search has a number of applications and is flexible enough to be used by major brands penetrating large new markets, all the way down to small companies offering their services to a tight geographically localised area. It is for this reason, that we believe it should be a part of every company’s marketing plan.

Paid Search for B2B

Business to business companies often find themselves in a position of limited options when it comes to advertising online or offline as paid search is primarily geared to reaching consumers. It is for this reason that targeting individuals in their professional capacity has to be significantly more focused and targeted to avoid wasting valuable marketing resources.

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While Facebook and Twitter are great ways to introduce people to new concepts, paid search is a perfect vessel to present solutions to problems that people (and businesses) have.

Paid Search for Charities

Google Ad Grants

DDD’s team has more than a decade of experience of doing digital marketing for Charities. Furthermore, as an accredited Google Partner agency, we’re now helping charities access a major new initiative called Google Ad Grants and where we could secure you:

FREE advertising credits from Google

of up to $10,000 per month

DDD charges charities £1,000 per month to set up Google Ad campaigns and maximise that advertising budget to generate new fundraising for your charity. What’s more, we will GUARANTEE that, over three months, we will generate more revenue in fundraising than in costs, or your money back. DDD handle the whole application process for you and manage the advertising campaigns on a daily basis.

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