Local PPC

Local business advertising can be tricky – on the one hand you want to reach a decent audience, but on the other you operate only in a certain geographical area.

If you have a restaurant, shop, dry cleaners or any other bricks and mortar operation (or even a chain of them), then Local PPC advertising is made for you. Both AdWords and Bing Ads offer highly granular location targeting – even post code level advertising is possible in some cases!

Local PPC

However, setting location targeting on your PPC ads might not be enough. We would maximise your listing through building out a business listing account, combined with your ad account and then enabling relevant ad extensions.

The heavy reliance on mobile devices has led to a massive increase in local searches like the example above. Taking into consideration that mobile influences even in-store behaviour, it is very important for local businesses to have a professional and well thought through online presence, as having a poor local business profile means you are inevitably missing out on potential sales.

DDD has years of experience of working with local businesses (some of us even owned a few), plus we are a certified Google Partner so we fully understand local business advertising.

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