In essence, infographics are enticing visual communication tools to represent data points.

Users typically love facts, figures and stats, but can become disengaged by reams of data, so infographics help drive the message home. An infographic organises the data you’ve collected and turns this into a simple visual to communicate to your intended audience in educational and interesting ways.

Many online audiences have shorter attention spans and scan through material, so a simple visual aid can make your brand or organisation jump out from other forms of content. As 90% of the information we remember, is based on visual impact, colour and rich media, then dynamic information provides an excellent contrast, making infographics easy to digest and delight.

Furthermore, infographics have become extremely popular as a safe SEO method recently, plus a well-designed infographic will be shared three times more across social media than any other type of content.

At DDD we take into account these factors to ensure our infographics:

  • Are scannable and viewable to users
  • Are enticing and visually beautiful, thereby driving user engagement
  • Can be clickable to a relevant video
  • Are embeddable so their viral reach can be plugged into blogs etc

In a competitive marketplace grabbing attention and share of eye balls, will help to communicate your message quickly and effectively.

Here are some examples:

Infographic example
infographic example two
infographic example three
infographic example 4

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