Influencer and Advocate Outreach

Influencer and advocate marketing is a relatively new way of describing this emergent marketing channel.

It’s a type of marketing that focuses on using well-respected opinion leaders to drive your brand or organisational message to a larger, targeted market. This allows you to focus your marketing budget to a focused group of individuals, rather than mass messaging to a large group of consumers.

Influencer marketing is usually broken down into two sub-practices:

Earned influencer marketing

Paid influencer marketing

Techniques to engage influencers would include some or all of the following:

● Paid for posts to their user base

● Use of tactical banner advertising

● Asking their followers for feedback on a related topic or running a survey

● Invitation to contribute to a genre specific blog

● Invitation to take part in a one-on-one interview

● Invitation to take part in a group interview or focus group

● Providing an interesting infographic that can be sent to their userbase

We analyse the impact and effectiveness of this influencer social media activity to drill down to what is generating most impact through the following metrics.

Volume – The number of messages or people talking about your brand

Reach – The spread of a social media conversation and potential audience size

Engagement – People participating in the conversation about your brand

How active – We identify the most pro-active consumers spreading your message

Influence – The social capital and the potential ability to influence others

Share of voice – The conversation about your brand compared to competitors

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