Growth Marketing

Growth marketing typically refers to growing your customer or user base, but not necessarily driving your bottom line immediately. Quality not quantity. It’s important to have a clear sense of what’s crucial for you as a business owner, and apply a growth marketing strategy from there.

Growth marketing or ‘growth hacking’ is uncovering growth that is measurable, can be scaled and iterative. Largely speaking, we can break it down into sections:

Pre-launch: road testing your business proposition with customers creating a proof of concept; from there learning what you should build

Beta: testing with trusted circles, usually a friends and family network

Growth stage: building out your acquisition channels and working on operational processes to develop the business model

Scale: stay ahead of channel effectiveness and emergent opportunities, while complementing growth hacking methods with above the line activities, for example

When our clients ask us for growth marketing advice, it is a good idea to understand what has been done before and therefore we have a good sense of which key questions to ask to get a clear hypothesis before we tackle the issue of growth. This involves the following:

  • We identify what is working and not working presently
  • Understand the end game goals and then work back from there
  • Drill down into individual experiments, campaigns and customer segments
  • Identify, gather and analyse any relevant data (customers who have reactivated, expanded, churned or contracted)
  • Create a matrix of customer segmentation, channel analysis & funnel economics
  • Plan the messaging for each customer segment and channel
  • Plan a comprehensive test campaign, iterate and do it all over again!
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Growth marketing is a discipline intended to endlessly add value, build and leverage communities, and drive quality traffic to scale your business. Make this a vital part of your plan, and reap the benefits.

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