Growth Action Plan: Cost £1,000

All start-up companies need to take a step back from the daily toil, to be able to evaluate everything they’re doing.

The challenge with an early stage company is typically they have a limited budget, however they have an imperative to demonstrate sales traction in order to gain further funding. While entrepreneurs are hardworking and often experts in their field, they have little experience in marketing. This means they’re unable to leverage digital marketing to inexpensively promote their product/service to their target market.

DDD have addressed this issue by offering a deep dive brainstorm we call a GAP session which taps into the deep knowledge of at least four digital marketing professionals over a 2.5 hour session plus pre-research and then completion of the report. The object of this session is to examine many different options to help increase their business and then establish some tangible and creative solutions in how to best utilise their limited budget. These companies are then provided with a completely personalised and detailed report which sets out a very clear description of how DDD would handle their business from a digital marketing perspective. We have carried out numerous GAP sessions with clients such as Montessori Nursery’s, Academy Class, Doctoring, AC Worldwide, Botonique, Langu and Eisele Consulting.

gap info

Typical topics explored would be:

  • Identifying potential partnerships
  • Exploring and recommending the right digital channels that will deliver the best results and ROI
  • Accessing partner organisation’s databases and marketing to their customers
  • White labelling tech platforms, generating revenue from B2B customers
  • Examining most digital marketing channels and identifying likely response rates and anticipated costs
  • Devised creative ideas for data capture to allow remarketing

80% of companies that have done a GAP session have become our clients

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