Google Shopping (as well as Bing Merchants) is a PPC ad format that displays a specific product image, in an e-commerce layout in the search results. It has quickly proven to be one of the best ways for an eCommerce site to advertise, irrespective of the number of product items in your store.

google shopping

The system is similar to PPC advertising – a search gets entered, the algorithm determines your position in the results page and you pay only if the searcher clicks on your ad.
However, there are three key differences that DDD can handle on your behalf:

  • There are no keywords as it is image based
  • You will need a Merchant Account with Google (or Bing)
  • Set up a valid product feed connected to your ad account

There is no getting away from the fact that setting up multiple products in Google Shopping is an arduous task. This is due to the dozens of parameters that need to be entered correctly for each product and the system being ridiculously pernickety, regarding the details on SKU availability, image formatting, optimising your titles, product descriptions and even the sequencing of your images to deliver the best results. As we are a Google Partner and also part of their BETA test programme, we have clearly fed-back all this information to Google. However, please do not let these problems put you off as it is a very powerful channel. Therefore, we believe, once you’re properly set up and optimised, it will become a staple of your various sales channels.

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