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What makes a good email marketing campaign?

The great thing with email marketing is that most companies capture email addresses at some level, however the downside is that many consumers are so bombarded with emails that response rates have plummeted. DDD has vast experience in turning a tired and overworked dataset into a responsive and financially rewarding channel.

Essentially email campaigns are designed to achieve three outcomes:

  • Drive users to click through to your landing page or open a PDF
  • Convert users into becoming a paying customer
  • Retain them as loyal, engaged customers

Email campaigns are one area of digital marketing that many companies perform in-house. Now clearly, we have a vested interest in stating that there is a lot more to email marketing than most companies realise. However, as many emails are automatically diverted to spam filters by the main ISP’s, Google and Outlook, then we would recommend re-examining your email marketing strategy with these tips we’ve learnt over time:

  • Plain text with no more than one URL in the body copy is most successful
  • There are certain words that are guaranteed to divert it to Junk i.e. FREE
  • Subject line testing can make a difference of 80% in terms of open rates
  • It is essential to warm up the pipes (domains) before launching a campaign
  • If HTML – never make the email larger than 600px wide
  • Place images (always people) on the left-hand side of the email (not hi-res)
  • A campaign is at least 4 or 5 emails over a 4-week period
  • Each of those emails has to be entirely different
  • Ensure they look great on different mobile devices and test multiple handsets
  • The email has to be personalised in at least 3 or 4 areas
  • Remove as much tracking as possible to ensure higher delivery rates
  • Prominent and clear ‘calls to action’ above the fold (within the top screen)
  • Then repeat your call to action at the bottom
  • Write compelling copy but only 3 x lines – use bullet points
  • Do hundreds of small tests and measure and improve iteratively
  • Test day & time – but never send at exactly the same time & date each week

I think you’ll probably agree, that running a successful email marketing campaign can be a bit more challenging than originally imagined? However, the bonus is that once a good email template has been created, then you can re-use it delivering consistent results.

Halo Email Template
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