Creative Services

Creative marketing materials act as a cornerstone within your digital marketing campaigns.
A well-designed and expertly executed set of creative assets, help you to stand out from your competitors and attract more attention from relevant, targeted consumers.

We have over eight years of experience in Creative services. Our team has worked with clients such as EE, Orange Mobile and ASOS. Additionally, we’ve worked on delivering successful pitch materials for the following companies: MasterCard, HALO and Microsoft Studios.

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Our creative services range from graphic design to video creation.

Here’s some examples of our creative output.

Website design:

Websites are a necessity for every company, however, most companies do not leverage the in-bound lead generation possibilities, that websites present. Even if you think that your website is a simple ‘online brochure’ of your product or service, it can be transformed to help you identify potential customers and therefore build your customer database. We can create a simple tailor made website inexpensively through WordPress, or using templates from services such as Squarespace and Shopify. However there are three key issues when creating a website:

  • Ensure the sites have great UX (user experience) so the navigation by the consumer is seamless
  • Make it fully optimised for mobile and tablet – Ensure the architecture in the website ensures that your content has efficient
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) capabilities which means you get more traffic through natural search

Of course, many companies sell their products directly through their website and DDD can provide the full eCommerce functionality including credit card transactions across multiple territories. DDD guides you through the initial designs, then more detailed UX (User Experience) functionality and then finally through the creation of wireframes which is the specification blueprint of the website for developers to do the coding.


Infographics are easy to digest, fun to share and definitely more engaging. They create quality material for bloggers and journalists alike to consume and share to their targeted audiences. Words can be powerful, however, interesting, dynamic pictures always pack a punch.

Pitch Materials:

Irrespective of the size of your business or organisation, you’ll need some form of company presentation materials explaining the ‘who, what, why and where’ to your prospective clients, suppliers, investors, or other interested parties. First impressions always count and if you are seeking additional funding, for example, then the pitch materials could make that crucial difference to project a more polished and professional persona. We also help clients identify their key USP’s compared to their competitors and then how to communicate that effectively. DDD can assist with all types of pitch or new product materials including the following:

  • Business plan
  • Via electronic PDF’s, HTML, Microsites, Email Templates
  • Printed brochures
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos

Video Creation:

Video creation is an essential cornerstone of any modern marketing strategy, especially as YouTube is now the second largest search engine. Creating small video clips can really enhance a brand’s reach, through the power of virality via social media. This is where multiple consumers or influencers will ‘share’ or ‘like’ the content you have created, ensuring massive additional reach at zero cost. Typically, we have created videos that are entertaining, controversial, have a celebrity angle, is the first for information or use comedy to help set tongues wagging.

Email Marketing Template:

Email has come a long way since it’s introduction in the 80’s. Almost every company has made an attempt to build an email database. However, it is typical with many companies that they let the email marketing channel become stale and unloved resulting in poor open and click through rates. DDD relishes the prospect of taking this channel and refreshing it to improve customer engagement and subsequent sales. The creative team design different email templates for each campaign including sub-sets within those campaigns to make each email interesting and relevant. As most emails are now read through mobile devices rather than desktop, then the emails not only have to be mobile optimised but have to look good -therefore the mantra is ‘less is more’ and have a clear call to action.

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