Community Management

In a nutshell, online community management is the responsibility for advocating your brand or organisation on social media networks.

We understand and can communicate the intrinsic value of building online communities. The role of a community manager is to help you create your own distinctive social media persona and actively engage within your online audience to connect with potential customers and advocate your brand or organisation.

In terms of how our community management services might service your brand or organisation, some key activities we use are as follows:

  • Having social media conversations with communities and/or prospects
  • Building visibility and credibility as a brand evangelist by attending social media chats and tapping into and/or creating campaign hashtags #GetSavaged
  • Researching opportunities to connect with potential new customers
  • Connecting to influencers and blogging on external, relevant sites
  • Analysing social media reports detailing what platforms are driving the most traffic
  • Networking at local events and building relationships with our partners

Latest Work