Social Media Advertising

If you are considering building out a social media strategy, and you’re looking to drive social media ROI, the topic of social media advertising will invariably be uppermost in your mind.

According to this research from eMarketer, perhaps unsurprisingly, Facebook advertising is the most widely used and a key driver of ROI for many marketing campaigns.

DDD will do the heavy lift of testing all types of messaging, to gain insights and then determine what is working most effectively across all types of social media platform. Social media allows you to target your audience with pinpoint accuracy however it takes years of experience to achieve the best ROI from each variable test across each platform. With social media advertising, you have the option to rotate your ads over time or we can accelerate the frequency to determine which are the most effective and drive your bottom line, or desired advertising objective. One of the great advantages of social media ads, is the instant, qualified feedback. In essence, we can assess the effectiveness of a sponsored post or tweet in minutes and follow up with advanced analytical reports, which we’ll help you to deconstruct and apply their valuable learnings. We have a set of proven best practices to determine what works best for specific audience groups, then use the winning ad (usually accompanied by a relevant image and video) in the primary social media campaign. We also recommend having a clear sense of your campaign objective, Facebook provides a set of objective ideas as do the other key social media platforms. For more information, take a look a look at our Wash & Go case study.

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