Working with a Marketing Agency can be a daunting prospect, with concerns over costs, transparency and deliverables.

To give you confidence to get in touch with us, and so you know what to expect, we have detailed the process we tend to follow before we begin working together.

Step 1. Developing a thorough understanding of your objectives and pain points

It sounds a cliché, but we really do believe that gaining a deep understand of you and your business is the most important step to ensuring that the rest of our relationship is successful. When you contact us, in the first instance, we will want to meet with you or hold a conference call to get a deeper understanding of what you need to achieve and how we can help you to do this. We’ll want to understand the following:

Your objectives – this could be number of sales, revenues, downloads, new clients or leads you need to achieve
Budget – once we understand this, we can carry out some research to get an understanding of what is achievable via various marketing channels
Your pain points – what are you struggling with? What do you hate doing? We can then think about potential digital solutions within our proposal
What can we do to make you look like a superstar – we understand that by bringing in an agency to work with your business, we need to demonstrate the value we add, but also, how our skills and knowledge can help you in your career too.

Step 2. We submit a proposal to you

Once we know what you want to achieve, we will pool our collective knowledge and skills to put together a well thought through proposal, outlining our proposed strategy for achieving your objectives, the likely budget that will be needed, an estimation of how much time the work will take, the likely results from this activity and complete transparency over our fees.

As part of the proposal process, we can usually obtain insight from organisations such as Google and Microsoft for your industry and competitors. If you already have active Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and other social media accounts set up, it is useful for us to carry out a FREE AUDIT to assess where we believe improvements can be made. There are over 3,000 tools online that can deliver invaluable feedback, insights and actionable tips for improvement, and we have access to some of the most useful.

Step 3. Scope of Work

There is usually a period of clarification and adjustments to budget, timescales and objectives following the proposal. However, if you are largely happy with what we have put forward in the proposal, we can begin to flesh out a more detailed project plan, with exact responsibilities, actions, tasks, dates, targets and KPIs to be monitored and reporting format and timescales agreed.

Step 4. Signing of Terms and Conditions

Once we are both happy with the Scope of Work, we will sign Terms and Conditions, along with any Service Level Agreements deemed necessary, and agree a payment plan with you, whether it be on a retainer or one-off basis.

Step 5. Begin Project / Campaign

We usually begin with A/B testing and allocating a small amount of budget in the first instance to test out channels, different ad variations, creative, copy, times of days and days of the week. Once we know what delivers the best results we can begin allocating more budget and optimising performance. Throughout the project/campaign, we will communicate and report on progress regularly and ask for your feedback.

Step 6. Feedback

At the end of the project or campaign, we will ask you for your honest opinion on how we did, and if you are happy with us, perhaps a case study, reference or testimonial.

Does all this sound too scary? We understand it’s a risk for you to trust an outside agency with large swathes of your budget, but here’s the best bit – you don’t have to. Why not test us out with a small portion of your budget? We often begin working with our clients with just a small project via one digital marketing channel, such as email marketing to a small database, an SMS push notification campaign for an event, or a small Facebook campaign. Once we deliver results, and/or prove a business case, it then gives our clients confidence to invest more and try out other services.