AC Worldwide/Halo

Pre-Sales Marketing Campaign

AC Worldwide an electronics manufacturer and was formed when inventor and former engineer for Porsche, Karl Grimsey joined forces with licensee expert Kelvyn Gardner. They created high quality Bluetooth speakers under license from famous brands such as Star Wars, Halo and the BBC (Dr Who characters coming soon).


How could we improve their efforts to market their existing Star Wars speakers, but also reach the Halo audience? This with only a pre-sale marketing campaign for their soon to be released Master Chief speaker, on a very limited budget.

The bigger of the two challenges was the pre-order campaign, getting Halo fans to pre-order and pay $239 for a Master Chief speaker not yet in existence and fans would have to wait six months for delivery.


We initially did a GAP Session (Growth Action Plan) session with the ACW team to assess the current pain points, and define goals and targets for the next six months. From this GAP session, we established the following steps:

● Increasing the number of Star Wars fans registered to ACW’s database
The annual Star Wars Celebration event was being held in London in July 2016, and ACW had a trade stand at the event. In order to maximise opportunity for data capture – we ran an SMS competition, where fans would text a number with their email address in order to be in with a chance to win a speaker. The competition generated an additional 1,900 interested fans for their database. This then allowed ACW to send them regular newsletters on current and up and coming products – encouraging sales and enhancing the brand.

AC Worldwide

Pitching to the creators of Halo – 343 Industries
During the GAP session it transpired that 343 Industries were incredibly passionate about the speakers, and very supportive of ACW’s endeavours. For an up and coming summit in Las Vegas, we created a full roll-out digital marketing strategy and presented this is a professionally designed and bound printed document. The aim – to present campaign ideas that would both engage Halo fans and promote the Master Chief speaker, using 343’s marketing channels, enabling us to reach the estimated 63 million Halo fans worldwide. The brochure had the desired effect, and 343 were blown away by the depths we had gone to, to understand the Halo fan, and assigned some staff from their marketing team to work with us on the pre-sale campaign, as well as offering to promote the speakers via their social media channels which have millions of followers.

For more information on our design and printed material production capabilities click here.

● 3D video production
Part of our biggest challenges with this campaign, was to convey the size, quality and detail of the Master Chief speaker with it not being in existence yet. To do this we produced a 3D animation of the speaker highlighting various features using the CAD renders already produced for producing the speakers – check out the video here.

● Fully branded microsite
We had the video for releasing details of the speaker and grabbing Halo fan’s attention, now we needed an engaging microsite to drive traffic to, encourage sign ups and sales.

● Email Marketing
For both the Star Wars and Halo fan base we carried out regular email marketing campaigns with updates and competition offers. We engaged users through a campaign of four individual emails which had three personalised items in each email template. The strategy was to send interesting and relevant content with each email.

● Social Media Content Creation and Managing
Throughout the eight week pre-sale campaign, we created content and published daily social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to highlight the pre-sale and increase ACW’s following and engage with potential customers. We created a range of content from surveys, competitions, video content interviewing the ACW team, creative photography with the speakers, stop motion video and curated content.

AC Graph


The video received over 157,000 views and achieved 15,349 expressions of interest and over 3,000 email sign ups. The email marketing campaign was a fantastic success that achieved blended average open rates of 27% and click through rates, off the scale, at 11%.
Traffic driven to the microsite significantly improved the SEO of their main website.
We drove a total of 16,000 unique visitors to their website, and all that activity combined meant that their SEO performance improved significantly and they now hold the number one spot for Master Chief speaker searches and are in the top10 for Star Wars speaker searches.




Email Sign Ups