Email Marketing

Academy Class is a very successful business, offering highly rated classroom based training courses for designers and developers on a range of software, from Photoshop, AutoCAD and After Effects through to Cinema 4D and HTML. They have fantastic reviews and many of their clients came from word of mouth, as well as their B2B marketing efforts.

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Academy Class recognised that the world of training was changing rapidly, with companies wanting training on demand, anytime, anywhere. They approached DDD for help with the objective of doing a deep-dive review of their business to assess where they could adapt to take advantages of changes within the training industry and how Digital Marketing could help.


We carried out a GAP (Growth Action Plan) session, where four senior members of the team uncover pain points, goals and objectives for the future. Out of this session, we identified two pressing issues; one was their email database was dying and secondly they could potentially start a new Virtual Training concept that could offer flexible training to customers with reduced overheads, opening up a new pool of potential customers, both in the UK and overseas.

Email Marketing

We identified that Academy Class needed greatest help with their email database as it was becoming less effective. To rectify the email marketing issue we did the following:

  • Segmented subscribers into active and inactive
  • Tighter segmentation between business and freelancers
  • Email address to grow your database.
  • Implement an automated follow-up
  • Offered eBooks and exclusive content to stimulate activity
  • Segmented their data into more relevant subsets
  • Created new and focused email templates
  • Used greater personalisation for each email
  • Created an email marketing campaign over 5 individual blasts

Email Marketing – Lead Generation

DDD had been given a list of 20,000 cold leads, to stimulate sales in Academy Class’ training products. Three weeks of rigorous testing included the following:

  • 12x Subject line testing
  • 8x Email templates testing
  • 4x Time slots of the day
  • 3x different test days
  • 216x Email combinations of email personalisation

The results were exceptional:

  • 43% Increase in open rates in week one
  • 78% Increase by week two
  • 82% Opened on week three

As a result, we increased the open rates by 382% and doubled the click to open rates to 33% (the number of people who opened and then clicked through to the relevant page).

Academy Class Virtual (anticipated launch in April 2017)

DDD has carried out the evaluation process to start this new company through the following:

  • Competitor research both UK and global
  • Testing various product ideas against suggested price points
  • Identifying market segments for each potential product
  • Mass research and face to face focus groups
  • Testing the financial model

DDD has had active engagement with over 500 individuals to help test the assumptions of the new product offerings. This has resulted in various products being adapted and refined to a different market segment. It was also discovered that many potential customers favored the shorter more intense one day training programmes rather than longer training courses.


Increase in open rates


Increase in click to open rates